Smart Multi-Gauge 4in1

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Smart Multi-Gauge 4in1

All in one compact display hidden in a console button switch.

  1. Voltmeter 
  2. Oil pressure 
  3. Oil temperature 
  4. Coolant temperature 

Available in BAR/C and PSI/F. If you need the PSI/F variant, please contact me beforehand.

The order of values displayed is:

  1. Volt
  2. Pressure
  3. Engine oil (is shown with upper "o" in the display like "80°")
  4. Coolant (is shown with "c" in the display like "60c")

Smart feature:

Our gauge monitors all parameters in real time. When one of them is out of spec (e.g. high oil temp) an alarm is being activated and the gauge display switch to the alarm source, emit a warning sound (two beeps) and flash the display.

With the push button you can switch between the 4 meters yourself.

The default values for the alarms are:

  • Voltmeter: below 11V
  • Coolant: above 110 Degrees Celsius
  • Engine oil: above 120 degrees Celsius
  • Oil pressure: below 0.3 Bar

Stealth mode:

The gauge can also be turned off by holding the button for 2s.

The kit includes:

  • Brand new multigauge 4in1 
  • Coolant temperature sensor 
  • Oil temperature sensor
  • Oil pressure sensor 1/8 NPT
  • 2 quick couplings for the instalation
  • Triple-adapter
  • Cable wiring and fuse
  • Gaskets
  • Instruction manual

Sensor placement FAQ:

  • The best oil temperature sensor placement is the oil pressure switch location via our “T-piece” adapter or instead of the oil pan plug (M12x1.5 thread in most BMW engines from M20 to M52).
  • For measuring coolant temperature you can place the M14x1.5 in the M20 engine block instead of a plug under rear exhaust header.
Oil sensor thread 


Coolant sensor thread 


Units of pressure


Units of temperature



2.5m oil and petrol resistant automotive grade cables for each sensor

Pressure range

0-10 Bar

Temperature range

-55*C to 125*C (lower or higher temperatures are displayed as "LO/HI")


RED (fits the dash ilummination)

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