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  • Spacers 5x120
    Spacers 5x120

    Spacers, push-through system with two-sided centering

    Wheel spacers with double centering, vehicle as well as wheel side.

    Please note: the 5mm version has no centering on the wheel side, due to the already existing centering of…

    € 31,00
  • Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB
    Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB

    The newly relaunched cult car radio „Bremen SQR 46“ with many new features!

    Over the years, some models have become true cult objects. Like the legendary Blaupunkt „Bremen SQR 46“ from the year 1986. Blaupunkt presents…

    € 399,00
  • Headlamp


    You can always use some extra light while working on your car! You can be clumsy with a flashlight, but then you need an extra hand or the light doesn't shine where you want it too...

    With this headlamp those problems…

    € 34,50
  • Wheel Studs 68 to 90mm
    Wheel Studs 68 to 90mm

    Wheel bolt sets from 68 to 90mm!

    With this kit you can mount your wheels not only super easy, but also very safe!

    The threads are threaded into the hub, so you can slide the wheel over it and it sits right in place. No more…

    € 115,00
  • Gift voucher
    Gift voucher

    Tim's Classic Parts - Gift voucher

    ∙ Give a gift voucher to your partner, friends or family!
    ∙ Select the desired amount of the gift voucher in the menu.
    ∙ A personal discount code is provided that is valid on the entire…

  • Concrete model: BMW logo
    Concrete model: BMW logo

    Beautifull concrete ornament of our beloved BMW logo!

    ∙ Diameter ±25cm
    ∙ Build in suspension eye
    ∙ Suitable for outdoor use.

    € 22,00
  • Water pump/Viscofan spanner set
    Water pump/Viscofan spanner set

    Water pump/Viscofan wrench set

    Removing the viscofan can be a difficult job, because the water pump rotates loosely and so you cannot apply force.

    With these tools you lock the water pump so that you can simply unscrew the…

    € 50,00
  • 70. Mounting Kit M30 Engine
    70. Mounting Kit M30 Engine

    M30 Engine Kit

    The M30 is made in 3 different variants, choose from the list which variant you need.

    Contents M30 E3/E9:

    ∙ M30 oil seal
    ∙ M30 water pump
    ∙ M30 thermostat
    ∙ M30 exhaust manifold
    ∙ M30 oil pan E3/E9

    € 50,00

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E30 Summer Meet 2022

Op 20 en 21 augustus 2022 vindt de E30 Summer Meet 2022 Powered by Tim's Classic Parts plaats! Over de 200 E30's verzamelen zich dan in Appeltern voor een heel weekend E30 fun! Hier is Tim's Classic Parts ook bij aanwezig met een stand.
Koop je tickets in de Ticketshop of bekijk meer info op de website.

BMW E30 Club Nederland

Ik ben mede-oprichter en voorzitter van de Nederlandse BMW E30 Club. Dit is een zeer actieve E30 club met over de 200 clubleden. We bezoeken en organiseren diverse uitjes, evenementen en toertochten elk jaar.

Als Clublid ontvang je ook leuke kortingen, waaronder bij mij!

Lijkt je dit ook wat, neem dan zeker eens een kijkje op de Clubsite.

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